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Kid Colling is a Colombian-Luxembourgish singer-songwriter and guitarist. From an early age he was drawn by the magical sounds of the Mississippi blues and the rhythm and swing of the big bands: the blues had touched his soul. At age 16, he got his first guitar and immediately knew that music will be his life. Colling is a graduate from the American School of Modern Music in Paris where he discovered jazz music and learned from such greats as Peter Giron, Rick   Margitza, Manuel Rocheman or Christopher Culpo. Colling is constantly looking for collaborations and projects in order to broaden his musical horizons. After singing with Marly Marques in a rhythm & blues band and playing the guitar for the harmonica player Dave White, he works since 2014 with the American folkblues singer Ilene Barnes.

”I think being a musician is a life choice. It is a hard path to go! I don’t do this for the glory, I chose this way  because I think it’s the most honest part of me,  and because it makes me feel kind of free of this mad world.”
(Kid Colling)

Photographie : Jean-Claude Empain

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